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‘Dancing is silent poetry’

Ready Set Dance

READY SET DANCE is an innovative program designed specifically to introduce young children aged 2-5 years old to the world of dance.

A fun class that appeals to both boys and girls, the program focuses on the three C’s –Confidence, Coordination and Creativity.


Thanks to productions such as Cirque Du Soleil, Acro is a dance style that is rising in popularity.

At Geelong Dance Movement, we follow the Acrobatic Arts syllabus. This means your child is getting expert tuition from qualified instructors.

Small class sizes mean we can focus on safe progressions, working within the child’s ability and guiding them to the next level with safe spotting and specialist safety equipment.

If you have a little acrobat that loves tumbling, balancing and dancing, Acro may be the perfect style of dance for them.


Tap develops a sense of rhythm and musicality as well as being great fun.

At Geelong Dance movement we follow the Tap Attack Dance Syllabus.
Following a syllabus allows us to teach to a set industry standard and allows the student to take exams and progress if they wish to.

The Tap Attack syllabus also ensures that dancers learn exercises, combinations and steps that are appropriate to their skill level.

Musical Theatre 

Helping you step out of your comfort zone. Our musical theatre classes incorporate singing, acting and dance. These classes are so much fun and great for building confidence!

These classes have a lot of variety, including: learning short monologues, scripts, improving scenes, learning to work in front of a camera, theatre games and working on songs and harmonies.

It’s all about imagination, creativity and getting out of your comfort zone, contact us today to enrol your child!


Ballet is the basis of all dance forms, it is a beautiful and highly technical art. Our students learn the beauty and elegance of the classical technique in a positive and nurturing environment.

If your child would loves to twirl and point, come and join our ballet classes! And for the teeny tiny ballerinas we are the official location in Geelong for READY SET BALLET

Hip Hop

A fast and dynamic class in line with the current hip hop styles seen in the movies.

It’s a high-energy fast paced class, where students learn great routines as well as new skills. 

Check out our timetable to find out more!


Jazz provides essentials techniques that remains a foundation for all other dance styles.

We dance to music you hear on the radio (all age appropriate) and learn the technique of turns, jumps, kicks, etc.

Classes are fun and get more challenging as the students progress.

We work on routines that are showcased in the concert and regularly in community events. 

Do you have concerts?

We sure do! Our end of year concert allows the students to showcase the year of hard work!

We also encourage our students to join us at various competitions, fetes and parades 💃

If you have a stage-loving little one, join us now for our next concert, competitions, etc.

Why Dance?

Dance is proven to build empathy and teach self-expression. It creates a happy, safe environment to grow and develop.

And, let’s be honest, in today’s modern world it’s never too early to start creating solid mental health practices for your child.

If you’re looking for a positive hobby for your kids, visit our website and start now!

What age groups do you support?

Our READY SET DANCE and READY SET BALLET programs cater for children 1-5yrs and they can do ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop.

All other classes can support ages 5 to 18 years of age.

Click here to see how full timetable.

Do you focus on technique?

At GDM we have a strong focus on alignment and technique.

So many dance studios teach the steps to a routine but don’t take the time to polish the technique.

We focus on correct arm placement, turned out legs, pointing feet without ‘scrunching’ the toes.
It is also important to make sure the neck is elongated, head is in the correct position and eyes are focused.

Engaging our core enables us to pull up from the knees, shoulders back and down and of course a natural smile with no gritted teeth.

If you are looking for a dance school that has it all, come and join us!

Where are classes located?

At each of our locations we have found community halls or spaces that provide a great space to learn, convenient parking and appropriate facilities.
Newcomb Hall – 82-84 Wilsons Rd, Newcomb VIC 3219
Armstrong Creek East Community Hub – Armstrong Creek East Community Hub, Armstrong Creek, VIC, 3217
The Loft Studio (upstairs venue) – 7 Rutland Street, Newtown, VIC, 3220

What does my child have to wear?

This depends on the class your child is enrolled in.

This may include specific dance shoes or uniforms items.

To view our full uniform policy, click here.

Please note, our READY SET DANCE/BALLET classes do have a uniform requirement.

Will I be asked to make costumes for the end of year concert?

No! We know what a tricky job costume making can be and take care of it all. We aim to make our costumes as fun and bright as possible, and always age-appropriate.

Have any more questions?