Uniform Policy

At Geelong Dance Movement, we believe that wearing studio uniforms give students a sense of belonging to our family as well as creating an identity for our studio in the greater community. 

Our uniforms also: 

• Encourages discipline 

• Helps students resist peer pressure to buy stylish clothes for class 

• Help identify non-students in the studio 

• Diminish economic and social barriers between students 

• Increase a sense of belonging and school pride 

Please ensure all parts of your child’s uniform are clearly labelled – individual shoes, socks, tights …you’d be amazed at the amount of lost property we generate! 

Uniforms can be purchased year-round from the studio, please speak to your dance teacher directly. Further style-specific uniform requirements are as follows: 

BALLET – Ballet students must have pink ballet shoes which can be purchased from Geelong Dance Supplies (where they have our supplies list) or elsewhere, along with pink ballet stockings and either the black and red GDM leotard or black and red GDM tutu dress . 

JAZZ AND TAP– Students require tan jazz and/or tap shoes with socks. For their uniform, students require a RED GDM t-shirt, tan tights, GDM leotard OR GDM tutu dress 

HIP HOP – Students require plain white sneakers and our RED GDM t-shirt along with either black GDM shorts, black leggings, bike shorts or pants. 

LYRICAL/CONTEMPORARY – Students require a GDM leotard and tan convertible dance tights, RED GDM skirt is optional. Students can wear bare feet or ballet shoes for this class. As they get more advanced we suggest getting some foot thongs. 

ACRO – Students do not need footwear for this class. They must wear tight fitting clothing from our uniform shop with their hair tied back so that they cannot get it caught or tangled in any way when they are doing their tricks.